Timbren’s Top 10 Answers to FAQ

HOW DOES TIMBREN SES COMPARE WITH AIR BAGS? ARE THERE ANY ADVANTAGES? We can compare Timbren SES with an air bag system in at least seven ways: Ride Quality: Air bags must always be inflated to the recommended level of pressure – whether loaded or unloaded. This will affect the unloaded ride quality. Big loads require […]

4 Reasons You Should Have SES on Your Plow Truck

It’s a question I’ve been asked many times over the past 20 years.  People call them “bumpers,” “rubber deals,” or just “Timbrens.” Call them what you like, the Aeon® hollow rubber spring is the heart and soul of all Timbren SES products. Combined with advanced engineering and Timbren’s proprietary designs, the amazing properties of Aeon® […]

Axle-Less on YouTube

The list of Timbren YouTube videos is growing every week. One of the more recent is the Axle-Less video below. If you like, click the image below to play… Now you can take your trailer everywhere your tow vehicle can go. Experience the freedom! Click here to visit Timbren’s YouTube channel. And be sure to […]

Anatomy of an Aeon® hollow rubber spring – Part 1

One of the staff at Timbren Industries found it lying on the side of the road just outside our manufacturing facility in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. As you can see, the truck frame is completely rusted and flattened. But the rubber spring is still good! If you have ever wondered how Aeon® rubber springs work, perhaps […]

Are You Ready for Winter?

The winter season brings with it unsafe driving conditions. Obviously, you can get ready for winter by installing winter tires. What are Winter Tires exactly? Winter weather creates 2 different dynamics for drivers: Poor road conditions Colder temperatures. If you don’t live in the snow belt, you may feel that all-season radials will do the […]

New Timbren SES kits for pickups with MagneRide

Recently, we introduced a new Timbren SES upgrade: Part # GMRCK15MR  This recent addition fits the rear suspension on the new 2017-19 Chevy and GMC 1500 pickups with MagneRide. Click the image below to hear about the new upgrades… Furthermore, MagneRide comes as standard equipment for the Denali model. But it can be added to the […]

Stronger than Steel! Seriously?

Can a helper spring made from natural rubber be stronger than steel? We say yes! Here’s why: One unique characteristic of Aeon® hollow rubber springs is their progressive spring rate. As the load increases, the more they resist the load. Eliminate Sag and Bottoming Out Leaf springs deflect under load in a linear fashion, which […]

What’s good for information, education and entertainment?

If you’re like me, reading the installation instructions doesn’t cut it. Sometimes you need to see it done. No words. Just a short video that “says” it all in less than a minute. We’re talking about Timbren’s YouTube channel. You’ll be able to “crawl” under the truck and watch how the suspension works with an SES […]

How do you spell Freedom?

Another SEMA trade show in Vegas. The year was 2011. Apparently, Timbren had an entry in the “Best New Product” in the Off-road category. Most of us at Timbren didn’t even know that our new product had been entered. Hey, it was Vegas. Someone was feeling lucky. And as “luck” would have it, we won! […]