Three words that spell “revolutionary”

By themselves, these three words aren’t revolutionary at all. In fact, they’re pretty ordinary. But when combined and processed into one simple idea, they become extraordinary. What are the three words? Hollow. Rubber. Springs. More specifically, I’m talking about Aeon® hollow rubber springs. If you haven’t seen an Aeon® hollow rubber spring, you probably have […]

Don’t make this mistake…

There seems to be one of two extremes that some of our customers navigate toward: Not enough capacity Too much capacity Extreme mistake #1 In an effort to save a few bucks, the first extreme mistake takes place when a new customer buys an SES kit with less capacity. They’ve done their research, and deduced […]

Snow plow FAQ: Important dos and don’ts

Q.  I HAVE A SNOW PLOW ON MY TRUCK, AND I INSTALLED A LEVELLING KIT ON THE FRONT END. THIS RAISED THE FRAME ABOUT 2 INCHES. DO YOU HAVE A KIT FOR A RAISED VEHICLE? A.  If you measure between frame and axle (unloaded), we will be able to design a custom snow plow kit […]

Snowplow FAQ: Let’s fix your front end

Q.  EVER SINCE I REMOVED MY SNOWPLOW AT THE END OF THE SEASON, MY TRUCK NOW RIDES ROUGH. WHAT CAN I DO TO GET MY RIDE BACK? A.  If you have a ride quality issue after you’ve removed the snowplow, there is only one way to fix the problem: Remove the SES kit. Also: Cranking […]

How do you spell Freedom?

Another SEMA trade show in Vegas. The year was 2011. Apparently, Timbren had an entry for “Best New Product” in the off-road category. Most of us at Timbren didn’t even know that our new product had been entered. Hey, it was Vegas. Someone was feeling lucky. And as “luck” would have it, we won! What […]