Axle-Less: Blueprint for a better suspension

“Necessity is the mother of invention” –  Plato The Problem The story of the Axle-Less trailer suspension began 7 years ago. The US military had a problem. Trailers that were used to pick up the injured on the battlefield had limited use. The medics needed a trailer that could go where an off-road vehicle could […]

Preparing for an overland adventure: The absolute essentials

Preparing for an overland adventure? If it’s your first time heading into the bush – a few hundred yards or a few hundred miles –  you must remember certain essential things: 1.  Choose the appropriate 4WD vehicle Many of today’s 4x4s can’t handle true off-road activities. For serious off-road adventures, you need a modified 4×4 […]

One thing that always brings success – Part 3

In case you hadn’t heard… Timbren Industries just celebrated their 50th year in business. Yep.  And you may be wondering… “What’s the secret for their longevity?” The ‘secret’ is called Commitment. Just a few weeks ago, we were looking at Timbren’s commitment to a better product.  Over the years, their commitment showed leadership in rubber spring technology. […]

Timbren’s Top 10 Answers to FAQ

THE CAPACITY RATING OF THE SES KIT SEEMS AWFULLY HIGH. I AM SURE THAT I DON’T NEED THAT MUCH CAPACITY FOR MY VEHICLE.  WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND? The other question you seem to be asking is “Will this ruin the ride?” In order to answer that question, you need to understand something about Aeon® hollow […]

Timbren’s Top 10 Answers to FAQ

THE RUBBER SPRING IS TOUCHING THE AXLE ALL THE TIME. WILL THAT HURT THE AXLE? Not at all. In order to understand why, let’s take a look at the average straight axle and leaf spring set up. The weight of the vehicle contacts the axle at two points under the leaf springs – one point […]

The most misunderstood part of your vehicle

Picture in your mind an automobile. Now, what pops into your mind right away? Isn’t it the body? Or maybe the colour, or the chrome. What about the length… Yes? After that, we think about the interior, the upholstery and maybe even the all-important engine compartment. Hardly anyone would visualize a differential or a leaf […]

One thing that always brings success – Part 2

Last month, we announced that Timbren turned 50 this year. We talked about the one reason that kept our doors open for 5 decades: Our team of experts remain committed to 3 things: Better Products Superior Service Inovative Ideas This month we focus on… Timbren’s Commitment to a Better Product In the beginning, Timbren focused […]

Timbren’s Top 10 Answers to FAQ

THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS INDICATE THAT I NEED ABOUT A 1″GAP.  I’M ALMOST TOUCHING. WHAT SHOULD I DO? You’re right. We recommend that the Aeon® hollow rubber spring should not engage with the axle on an unloaded vehicle. Here’s the reason: First of all, the required gap – approximately 1 inch* – between rubber spring and axle helps maintain […]

4 Reasons You Should Install Timbren SES on Your Work Truck

“You mean to say that your little rubber biscuits are gonna fix my suspension problems?” I’ve been asked this question many times over the past 20 years.  People call them “bumpers,” “rubber deals,” or just “Timbrens.” Call them what you like, the Aeon® hollow rubber spring is the heart and soul of Timbren SES products. […]

We were stunned when we saw what was left on the side of the road

We found it lying on the side of the road just outside our manufacturing facility in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. The truck frame is completely rusted but the rubber spring is still good! We’ve been saying it for 40 years, and we still think it’s true: “Aeon® hollow rubber springs are stronger than steel, more reliable […]