How to Improve the Suspension on Your Pickup Truck

Suspensions have two major functions: Support the weight of the truck Absorb the bumps of road and trail Perhaps you recently bought a new half-ton pickup and it rides like a Cadillac. Nice! But even though the ride is great, you’ve noticed lately that it’s  starting to squat. There are many reasons why that might […]

4×4 Recovery Basics

Anytime you’re off-roading and pushing your 4×4 to the limit, there’s a good chance you’re going to get into trouble. When you’re stuck and unable to move, you need to know how to recover your vehicle in the safest manner possible. This article outlines for you basic 4×4 off-road recovery tips. We hope you find […]

In Search of the Perfect Bump Stop

As an experienced off-roader, you’re probably aware of the need to have quality bump stops installed on your vehicle. The trail can be challenging. Distressing. It can turn your fun trip down to a crawl. Proper bump stops will add the last cushion to prevent your suspension from completely bottoming out. On the other hand, […]

How to Install a Timbren SES Kit in 7 Easy Steps

Is your truck sagging under load? This can interfere with its overall performance. In other words, if your vehicle doesn’t sit level, there are a number of problems you will encounter: Proper front end steering alignment is thrown off balance, causing the vehicle to have delayed steering response. The ride will feel unsafe and out […]

Press Release

If you’ve been watching the news, you are aware that the Ontario provincial government has enforced – in keeping with a federal government ruling – the closure of all nonessential businesses for a 2 week period. This means that Timbren Industries will be closed for the next 2 weeks These are unusual times, and we […]

How to Return your Purchase

Sometimes you need to return something. You may have changed your mind. Or you bought the wrong part number by mistake. Whatever the reason, we want you to have a positive experience. Please use the following steps when preparing to send something back… First of all, every Timbren SES product comes with a Lifetime Warranty […]

Top 10 FAQ: Why do you charge so much for rubber springs?

“WHY DO YOU CHARGE SO MUCH FOR JUST A COUPLE PIECES OF RUBBER?” During my time spent in customer service, this question came up every so often. The first time I heard it, I thought it meant our product was considered to be too expensive. But what does ‘too expensive’ mean? The more I thought […]

In Search of the Ultimate Helper Spring – Part 4

Last week we examined the more popular helper spring and drew some comparisons regarding quietness, ride quality and stability. This week we’ll continue with a comparison of Add a leaf, Air ride and Timbren SES. Here are four more things to consider when choosing a helper spring. Reliable helper spring We’re going to measure reliability […]