Dakota Air Trailer Suspension

Originally designed as a premium suspension for horse trailers, the Dakota Air system has evolved over the years. Its ultra-smooth ride is perfect for trailers carrying fragile cargo such as horses and electronic equipment. The durability of its material and design matches the more extreme demands of a construction trailer.

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Our Dakota Air suspension has unique features to benefit your trailer.

  • Built in Shock Absorber to Ensure Smooth Ride
  • Maintains Constant Ride Height, Loaded or Empty
  • Heavy Duty Leaf Spring Trailing Arm For Articulation
  • Maintenance Free

Steel Components

All of our steel components are laser-cut, precision bent & welded together before they are painted with a durable, long-lasting powder coat finish to ensure protection and long life.

Dakota Air Ride Trailer Suspension Steel Components

7,000 - 10,000 LBS Capacity

For smooth durability make sure your trailer is equipped with the Dakota Air trailer suspension.

Trailer equipped with Dakota Air Ride Tailer Suspension

Air Spring

A single-convoluted low-frequency air spring provides a larger surface area to accommodate bigger loads. These are high-grade springs with a factory-installed internal rubber bump stop.

The combination of air spring, shock absorber and leaf spring help create a total suspension package ranging from 7,000 – 10,000 lb. capacities.

Shock Absorber

Timbren uses shock absorbers exclusive to the Dakota Air suspension. Rubber bushings inside these shocks minimize wear and tear. Each shock is capable of handling a minimum of 8,000 lbs. of tension to prevent over-extension of air springs.

The combination of air spring, shock absorber and leaf spring help create a total suspension package ranging from 7,000 – 10,000 lb. capacities.

Leaf Springs

Each Dakota Air suspension is equipped with a heavy-duty leaf spring for added stability and strength. This metal spring allows for a more compact design that is lightweight and strong. Easy bolt-on design requires no welding.

STi Air Ride Trailer Suspension with Air Supply System

Air Supply & Control Kit

The most complete, easiest to install air system in the industry. Comes factory wired and pre-assembled. The control panel uses stainless steel, lighted gauge and a manual fill point.

  • Includes a 12 volt air compressor with factory wired relay and a 50 amp breaker.
  • The air supply kit includes 1/4″ DOT approved tubing.
  • The pneumatic height control valve includes a factory installed dump valve and an 8-12 second delay.
  • The air reservoir tank includes a cable actuated drain valve and color-coded pneumatic connectors.
  • John S.

    Lowering deck for my horse to walk through makes a big difference.

    John S. , Upsate NY