How do you spell Freedom?

Another SEMA trade show in Vegas. The year was 2011. Apparently, Timbren had an entry in the “Best New Product” in the Off-road category. Most of us at Timbren didn’t even know that our new product had been entered. Hey, it was Vegas. Someone was feeling lucky. And as “luck” would have it, we won! […]

Timbren’s Top 10 Answers to FAQ

INSTALLED A REAR KIT ON MY PICKUP TRUCK . I NOW HAVE MORE THAN 3 INCHES OF GAP BETWEEN THE RUBBER SPRING AND THE AXLE. WHAT CAN I DO? At Timbren Industries, we make recommendations that are in your best interests. In other words, we want to keep your vehicle level – even under a […]

10 Ways You Can Prepare for Snow Plow Season

Winter will soon return, and along with it will come the white stuff… Will you be ready? Stay ahead of the seasonal curve… If you installed a snow plow on your truck, we recommend you also perform a pre-season snowplow inspection every year. Any needed maintenance work should be done prior to the first winter […]

Filling the Gap with Silent Ride

The Gap There’s a gap between two trailer suspension systems. Let’s talk about that gap. I’m comparing the cheaper, leaf-spring suspension and the more expensive air-ride system. Here’s the thing:  The cheaper leaf-spring version offers poor ride quality. The more expensive air-ride system provides superior ride quality. You may not have known this, but there […]

One Awesome Trailer Suspension

Strong. Durable. Equalized. “One awesome trailer suspension”. It’s how people describe the Silent Ride. It’s what Timbren Industries had in mind when they designed it. But just to be sure their new suspension was going to rock the trailer suspension world, they had it tested. First, they exposed it to the harsh climate and road conditions […]

TIMBREN SES vs AORB: Do You Know the Difference?

The phones at Timbren are ringing lately with people wanting to know the difference between Timbren SES (Suspension Enhancement System) and AORB (Active Off Road Bumpstops). At first glance, the two products look very similar. They both come with Aeon® rubber springs which replace the existing bump stops. But that’s where the similarities end. The main […]

Timbren’s Top 10 Answers to FAQ

CAN I HAUL MORE WEIGHT ON MY TRUCK IF I INSTALL A TIMBREN SES KIT? A helper spring is designed to allow you to carry more weight with your vehicle. But there’s always a limit to how many elephants your vehicle can carry. The average Timbren SES kit will increase the spring rate of a half-tonne […]

One thing that always brings success – Part 4

If you’ve been following along for the past 3 weeks, you’ll know that last week we discussed Timbren’s commitment to quality. And that’s great. But in order for Timbren to continue on successfully for the next 50 years, they’ll need to stay committed to innovative Ideas. New ideas Since the beginning, Timbren has worked with […]


Last week we examined the more popular helper springs and drew some comparisons regarding quietness, ride quality and stability. This week we’ll continue with a comparison of Add a leaf, Air ride and Timbren SES. Here are four more things to consider when choosing a helper spring. Reliable We’re going to measure reliability by asking […]