See you in Las Vegas…

Are you planning to come to the SEMA Show this year? If so, be sure to stop by our booth.  We want to give you a copy of our new 2020 catalog, and fill you in on the new Timbren SES products we’ve developed for Ford Ranger, Ford Raptor, Chevy and GMC 1500 pickups, Nissan […]

So… what’s with the spacer?

Q. The kit I bought comes with a spacer that looks like an over-sized hockey puck. What is it for, and when do I use it? A.  . For instance, some kits come preassembled. For obvious reasons, no spacer is included. But a number of SES kits that fit a vehicle with a straight axle, […]

10 Ways You Can Prepare for Snow Plow Season

When you’re enjoying the beautiful weather on a warm, summer day, the first snow fall is the last thing on your mind. But winter will soon return, and along with it will come the white stuff… Will you be ready? Stay ahead of the seasonal curve… If you recently installed a snow plow on your […]

10 Things to Look For in a Helper Spring – Part 4

Last week we examined the more popular helper springs and drew some comparisons regarding quietness, ride quality and stability. This week we’re continuing our comparison of Add a leaf, Air ride and Timbren SES. Here are four more things to consider when choosing a helper spring. Reliability We’re going to measure reliability by asking two […]

10 Things to Look For in a Helper Spring – Part 3

Last week we suggested a few things to remember when you are looking for a helper spring to install on your vehicle. This week we’re continuing with our comparison of Add a leaf, Air ride and Timbren SES. Quiet or noisy? If you own a brand new pickup that rides smooth and quiet, the last […]

10 Things to Look For in a Helper Spring – Part 2

Last week we looked at the most popular helper springs. Over the next few weeks, we’ll suggest 10 things to look for in a helper spring, and compare the above mentioned products in order to illustrate each point. Simple If you plan to do-it-yourself, choose a product that’s simple and easy to assemble. Who needs […]

10 Things to Look for in a Helper Spring – Part 1

Remember the days when a truck was a truck? It worked like a truck. It rode like a truck. Were yesterday’s vehicles – dare I say – better made? You could throw a load of firewood on the back of a pickup knowing that the vehicle would stay level and remain stable. Not so today. […]

Universal applications: Most popular ‘one-size-fits-all’ for rear axle

This post is a continuation of last week’s article on universal kits Universal kits work on pickups with straight-axle suspensions. An L-shaped bracket side-mounts to the frame, positioning the Aeon® rubber spring between the U-bolts. *If the truck has a channel frame, be sure to weld extra support where the L-shaped frame bracket bolts to […]