How to increase towing safety in 30 minutes – part 6

It’s hard to resist the call of the open road, especially when you have a chance to connect a camping trailer and escape for a weekend, or haul your boat to a favorite fishing spot.

But before you hitch any trailer to your truck or SUV, make sure you consider today’s safety tip.


Before you leave home, make sure the side-view mirrors on your tow vehicle are adjusted properly. Ensure that you have a clear line of vision that extends way back to the end of the trailer.

Having one of the best towing mirrors installed or mounted onto your car can give you the peace of mind you need while driving. Whether it is a fifth wheel, cargo or boat trailer, you will need to maintain an unobstructed view.

Features to look for include the ability to telescope (extend or retract the mirrors arm length), dual lenses and heated mirrors, puddle lamps, and integrated turn signals.

Telescoping Towing Mirrors

To clearly see out past the side of the trailer, tow mirrors need to extend farther from the side of the vehicle than normal side mirrors. Temporary tow mirrors can be easily removed when not needed. Telescoping allows the mirrors to be returned to a normal position when you’re not towing a trailer.

Heated Towing Mirrors

Great for driving in extreme weather, or to remove morning dew. Adds convenience and safety. On some dual mirrors, only the main mirror is heated.

Dual-Mirror Towing Mirrors

Mirrors with dual lenses allow you to see two different angles, the big mirror showing the lane next to you and the smaller mirror to check your blind spot. Of course, the size of the mirror itself can be important as well. You don’t want to change lanes hoping someone is not there, you want to know for sure.

Integrated Turn Signal

Helpful to let vehicles that may be approaching your vehicle or trailer from the side advanced notice that you intend to change lanes.

Power Adjustable

Allows you to electrically adjust the angle of the main mirror.

Here’s something else that takes less than 30 minutes…

You already know how the heavy body-mass of the average motorhome or travel trailer can cause serious sway and instability. Why not remove these problems altogether?

Well, here’s the thing: Timbren SES upgrades are the perfect fit for your motorhome. Why? It’s because they…

  • provide a smoother ride
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  • require zero maintenance

Every Timbren SES upgrade comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty and an unconditional Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

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By Lary Cook | July 22, 2019 at 5:14 am

Mirror is one of the most important aspect for towing security. Dual mirrors work best in my opinion.

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