Axle-Less Trailer Suspension

This award-winning product turns the traditional  idea of trailer suspensions on its head. The most exciting feature about the Axle-Less suspension is the fact that it requires no axle!

Think about the possibilities. Imagine the freedom to go anywhere  – without the usual restrictions of an axle. Experience a smooth, quiet ride made possible with Timbren’s rubber spring technology.

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Axle-Less Trailer suspension by Timbren Industries for Off-Road trailer and overland trailers

Axle-Less Trailer Suspension internal workings


The Axle-Less trailer suspension is unique and will take you on new adventures.

  • Maximize Ground Clearance
  • Progressive Jounce Spring
  • Rebound Spring For Constant Tension
  • Easy Bolt-On Installation
  • Urethane Bushings For Quiet Operation

Steel Components

All of our steel brackets & disks are laser cut before they are painted with a durable, long-lasting powder coat finish to ensure protection and long life.

Axle-Less trailer suspension steel hanger

Axle-Less Trailer suspension bushings


We use premium urethane bushings in the design of the Axle-Less suspension. Small grooves have been machined into the bushings allowing grease to lubricate the pivot point. This provides added quiteness to the suspension.

Rebound Spring

This spring plays an important role in the operation of the suspension. It creates constant tension on the jounce spring when the trailer is empty. This means that full or empty the trailer will always have a smooth ride and will never bounce around like a typical trailer suspension.

Axle-Less trailer suspension rebound spring

Anything But Ordinary

Ordinary solutions solve ordinary problems. But when the problem is anything-but-ordinary, an extraordinary solution is required. Watch how the extraordinary Axle-Less suspension can solve off-road problems…

HD Models

The Axle-Less HD editions are designed to take the abuse seen on any off-road expedition. We use thicker steel for added strength and a softer Aeon® spring for more suspension travel. This suspension will take your expedition to new places.

Off-Road & Overland

Maintain the same ground clearance on your trailer as you have on your tow vehicle… and stop worrying about axle hang-ups!

Work Trailers

Whether you use your trailer to haul fire wood or run a landscaping business, the Axle-Less trailer suspension will enable you to get the job done.

Boat Trailers

The Axle-Less design allows for a lower centre of gravity on boat trailers. This unique characteristic paves the way for improved handling at high speeds.

  • Matt Broadbent

    The Axle-Less system is one of the most popular options we offer with our off road camping trailers. The robust construction and flexible configurations allow us to dial in the setup to exactly the type of terrain our trailers are built to explore.

    Matt Broadbent , Kakadu Camping Inc.

  • JR Lee

    Timbren Axle-Less suspension is tough, durable, and quiet. The ride is superb loaded or empty and the trailing arm design gives our trailers the ground clearance we need.

    JR Lee , Jackwagon Off-Road

  • Chazz Lane

    On the trail Timbren's Axle-Less suspension provides enough ground clearance and stability to follow the tow vehicle anywhere, yet keeps the trailer's deck and work surfaces nice and low for in-camp convenience.

    Chazz Lane , Associate Editor Expedition Portal