Aeon® Rubber Springs

The Aeon® hollow rubber spring is the heart of a Timbren SES upgrade. You will find a pair of Aeon® hollow rubber springs inside every Timbren SES kit.

Timbren’s Aeon® springs provide a reliable alternative to metal and air springs. Aeon® springs have improved suspension performance both as a sole suspension and as a spring helper for over 40 years.

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Assortment of Aeon Rubber Springs from Timbren Industries

Aeon Rubber Spring x-Ray vision


Aeon® Rubber Springs have unique characteristics such as:

  • Variable Spring Rate
  • Self-Damping Properties
  • Vibration Isolation
  • Maintenance Free
  • Superior Ride Quality
  • Simple Application

Steel Bushings

We cut every Aeon® metal bushing on our state-of-the-art CNC machine.

Steel Bushings used in Timbren Industries Aeon Rubber Springs

The Test of Time

We found it laying on the side of the road just outside our manufacturing facility in Whitby,
Ontario, Canada. The truck frame is completely rusted but the rubber spring is still good! We’ve been saying it for 40 years, and we still think it’s true:
“Aeon® Springs are stronger than steel, more reliable than air.”

Rusty Aeon

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Watch the video and learn some of the unique characteristics of the Aeon® rubber springs

Single Convolution

When space is limited or extra stability is required, fabricators choose the single convoluted rubber spring. Compared to double and triple convolutions, the single convoluted spring is characterized by its shorter deflection curve. This allows for less travel delivering a more aggressive load capacity.

The relatively short deflection curve of the single convoluted rubber spring creates a very stable environment. A shorter deflection curve results in a more aggressive response to the load. View deflection curve.

Aeon Spring Single Convolution
Aeon Springs Double Convolution

Double Convolution

The double convoluted (round) rubber springs offer the widest selection of ride quality and load capacity. Because of their longer deflection curve, fabricators specify the taller double convoluted rubber springs that deliver a perfect balance of ride quality and load capacity.

The longer deflection curve of the double convoluted rubber spring creates an equal blend of stability and comfort. A longer deflection curve results in a less aggressive response to the load. View deflection curve.

Rectangular Springs

At Timbren Industries, size matters. The bigger (Class 8) vehicles require bigger springs. The North American trucking industry has relied on the rectangular springs to stabilize highway trucks and trailers for over 40 years.

A rectangular Aeon® spring is like using 2 round Aeon® springs side by side. Therefore, the numbers on the deflection curve for a rectangular spring are 2-3 times that of a round Aeon® spring of the same height. View Deflection Curve.

Aeon Rubber Springs Rectangular Springs
Aeon Rubber springs by Timbren industries for Custom springs

Custom Springs

If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary – a unique design for a special project – look no further. Two of our most popular custom springs are the Triple Convoluted and the Tapered (wedge) spring.

Manufacturers of mining, logging and agricultural equipment rely on the superior shock absorption and stabilizing characteristics of custom Aeon® rubber springs. For more information on custom springs, contact us.

  • Rick C.

    My F-250 is awesome, now. Thanks to your Timbren SES springs. I use my truck to collect and deliver many cords of firewood. I don't have to worry about a "sagging rear end."

    Rick C. , Upstate NY

  • Brandon Day

    Had a set of Airlift 1000 in our RAM 1500. Definitely not a fan, worked well for towing but when it came to driving trailer free it ruined the ride. Put a set of Timbren's in the rear and the difference is undeniable. Factory ride and towing durability when needed. Thanks for a great product!

    Brandon Day , Bras d'Or, Nova Scotia Canada