Classic Toyota FJ a the 2014 SEMA show

SEMA 2014 – Day 2

Day one at SEMA didn’t disappoint and day 2 is shaping up to be another awesome day here in Las Vegas. If you missed our post and photos from day 1 check them out here. Today we have seen a lot more Jeeps and a few retro vehicle as well. The last 3 are my personal […]
RAM 2500 at SEMA 2014

SEMA 2014 Has Officially Started – Day 1

The doors are now open for the SEMA 2014 show in Las Vegas, NV. And, as usual, there are lots of good looking trucks and Jeeps lining the show floor and we want to keep you guys up to date on all of it. But because the show is closed to the general public we […]
Maybe the scariest thing of all for Halloween - a Toyota Prius truck. I can hear the screams already.

10 Cool Halloween Ideas For Your Truck or Jeep

Halloween is just around the corner and if you own a truck or a Jeep you may just want to change-up how you do things this year. Forget trying to find a costume for that Halloween party, or dressing up for the office thing – thats so last year. No, no, this year you need […]
Toyota Tundra with snowplow attached

10 Ways You Can Prepare For SnowPlow Season

There’s nothing like the brilliant color of autumn leaves to mark the change of the season. As the temperature begins to drop and the winds increase, we’re given fair warning that winter is on its way. And along with the change of season comes the to-do list – the one you use to prepare for […]
Birds Eye view of the 2013 SEMA show in Las Vegas, NV

2014 SEMA Show – Almost Time!

The 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, NV is just around the corner – 3 weeks to be exact. That means its time to check out what the industry has been up to this past year and meet with some of our favourite customers. But it also means that we get to see some new trucks and […]
SEMA Award for Best New Off-Road Product of The Year

Another First For The Axle-Less

  You may have noticed some posts lately on popular social sharing sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google+ regarding something new for our Axle-Less trailer suspension. In November of 2011 our Axle-Less trailer suspension won the Best New Off-Road Product of The Year award – pretty exciting! Since then it has taken off, selling […]
Ford Raptor vs Chevrolet Reaper

Ford Raptor vs. Chevy Reaper

Ever since the Ford Raptor hit the market in 2010, the competition has looked on with curiosity – and perhaps a little skepticism. Some thought it was a fad, and that it wouldn’t last. But the Raptor has proven to be more popular than Ford originally predicted at the time of its first launch. And […]
This is an example of a spring most often used in a Severe Service Suspension enhancement system

The Truth About “Severe Service” Kits

Let’s be honest. The Cutomer Service Team at Timbren gets calls from customers all the time who think the load they’re hauling requires a “severe service” kit. Somehow they think ‘more’ is better. The truth about “severe service” is… not everyone needs it!You may ask, “What’s so special about a severe service kit?”Good question. The […]
Air Bags vs. Timbren Suspension Enhancement Systems

Think Air Bags Are The Answer To Your Suspension Problems? Think Again

“I was going to install an air ride system on my pick-up, until I found your product online.  Should I go with your product or stay with air ride?” Fair enough. Here’s how air ride compares with Aeon® hollow rubber springs found inside our Suspension Enhancement Systems.   1. Ride quality  Air ride has one thing […]
Timbren booth at the 2014 NTEA Work Truck Show

2014 Work Truck Show in Indianapolis – Booth# 4676

If you’re in Indy for the 2014 National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Work Truck Show stop by booth# 4674 and say hi to the guys. Our President, Neil Hodgson, along with Larry Gillies and our new Vice President of Sales Jim Betournay are in town for the show. Take some time to stop by and […]