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2000HD Axle-Less Trailer Suspension

The Suspension Revolution

The revolution has begun. Are you part of it? The Axle-Less challenges everything you know about trailer suspensions.

Experience trails and on-road towing like never before. In the desert? On the rocks? In the forest? Choose your own adventure. You will never be the same.

Suspension shown is 2000HD with 4″ lift long spindle outboard arm with brake flange. The #1 choice for Off-Road use

Jounce Spring

Jounce Spring for Timbren Silent Ride Suspension

Jounce Spring

The jounce spring is the core of the Axle-Less trailer suspension. Its unique shape and progressive spring rate allow for variable load conditions. That means that unlike most suspensions, the  Axle-Less works well unloaded, fully loaded – and everything in between. And because its made of natural rubber it rides extremely smooth & quiet, constantly working to provide a soft ride for your cargo.

Rebound Spring

Rebound Spring for Timbren Silent Ride Trailer suspension

Rebound Spring

This spring plays an important role in the operation of the suspension. It creates constant tension on the jounce spring when the trailer is empty. This means that full or empty the trailer will always have a smooth ride and will never bounce around like a  typical trailer suspension.


Hanger for Timbren Axle-Less Trailer suspension


Products that are functional and easy to use should also be easy to setup and install. With that in mind, we have lazer-cut holes in the hanger of the suspension so it can be bolted easily to the frame of any trailer. And because there is no axle, you can use this suspension on any width of trailer frame. No more messing around with hub-face-to-hub-face measurements; just pick out a suspension for your trailer, bolt it on and you’re in business.

Outboard Arm

Outboard Arm with spindle for Timbren Axle-Less Trailer suspension

Outboard Arm

Timbren engineers have specially designed the outboard arm for easy customization. 4 bolts allow you to change out different spinlde arm options to meet your needs. This also means that in the event you bend a spindle you dont have to change out the whole suspension. We have also taken the grunt work out of camber and tow-in, its built right into the outboard arm. Just bolt the suspension to your trailer and start having fun.


Spindle for Timbren Axle-Less Trailer suspension

EZ Lube Spindle

All of our suspensions are supplied with EZ Lube spindles. This is so standard bearing maintenance can be done easily. Simply attach a grease gun to the nozzle of the EZ-Lube and allow the grease to flow through the spindle to the bearings for maximum      lubrication.


Bushings in Timbren Axle-Less Trailer Suspension


We use premium urethane bushings in the design of the Axle-Less suspension. Small grooves have been machined into the bushings allowing grease to       lubricate the pivot point. This ensures added     quiteness of the suspension so you don’t have to listen to your trailer while towing it.

Ground Clearance

Axle-Less Off-road Package

Off Road trailers often encounter the problem of ground clearance: the trailer axle is in the way. Your vehicle may have been lifted a few inches, but your trailer is still vulnerable to rocks, logs, etc.
The Axle-Less trailer suspension will solve this problem. You can be sure that wherever your vehicle goes your trailer will be there to follow.

For more information call Timbren Customer Service. 800-263-3113.


  • The no-thru-axle design allows you to bolt this on a trailer with any hub face to hub face measurements using the same suspension – width no longer matters
  • HD suspensions use thicker heavier steel for a more durable rugged suspension design, making it the best choice for heading off-road
  • Rubber Springs & Urethane bushings create exceptionally smooth & quiet ride – Even when empty
  • Easy bolt-on installation eliminates welding and makes it possible to mount suspension to aluminum frame
  • Different ride heights available using exclusive outboard arm design
  • Easy retrofit solution for trailers with broken or bent spindles and axles
  • Factory built-in camber and toe-in ensures trailer will always track well
  • Easily replaceable spindle using our unique outboard arm design
  • Durable powder coat finish
  • Comes with EZ-Lube spindles
  • Electric brakes available on 1200, 2000, 2000HD, 3500, 3500HD & 5200LBS suspensions
  • Winner of the 2011 SEMA Best New Off-Road product of the year


  • Available sizes: 400LBS, 1200LBS, 2,000LBS, 3,500LBS, 5,200LBS, & 7000LBS
  • Fits single or double axle trailers
  • Available galvanized
  • Full 3 year limited warranty

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Customer Reviews

I use to break springs twice a month on the rough roads and trails in Northern Canada while transporting goods through the bush. Since I have installed Timbren's Axle-Less I haven't had to make any repairs to my trailer suspension or body. - Aubert Lavoie. QC, Canada.