Timbren Industries Single Convoluted Aeon Rubber Spring

Single Convolution

When space is limited or extra stability is required, fabricators choose the single convoluted rubber spring. Compared to double and triple convolutions, the single convoluted spring is characterized by its shorter deflection curve. This allows for less travel delivering a more aggressive load capacity.
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Timbren Industries Double Convoluted Aeon Rubber Spring

Double Convolution

The double convoluted (round) rubber springs offer the widest selection of ride quality and load capacity. Because of their longer deflection curve, fabricators specify the taller double convoluted rubber springs that deliver a perfect balance of ride quality and load capacity.
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Timbren Industries Rectangular Aeon Rubber Spring


The rectangular, double convoluted rubber springs are stronger than steel and more reliable than air. Because these large, high-capacity rubber springs are virtually indestructible, the trucking industry world-wide relies on them to provide safety and stability.
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Timbren Industries Custom Aeon Rubber Springs

Custom Rubber Springs

The design team at Timbren Industries has the capability to create rubber springs that meet our customers’ unique manufacturing requirements. All our custom work is done under one roof. This assures our customers that they will always receive excellent service and a competitive price.
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Supplemental Applications

The Aeon hollow rubber springs give you the best of both worlds: Superior ride quality and added load-carrying capacity.  Whether loaded or unloaded, Aeon springs deliver superior ride quality on all types of suspensions:

  • Conventional leaf spring
  • Coil spring
  • Torsion bar
  • Air bag

Aeon hollow rubber springs have a progressive spring rate; in other words, the rubber spring is gradually brought into operation whether the load is light or heavy.  The smooth and silent ride delivers improved load handling, extra load stability and longer spring life.

Sole Suspension Applications

Rubber used as a suspension medium has several attractive characteristics; rubber is light, silent in operation and eliminates static friction. When compared with metal and air, rubber springs have four major advantages.  Under normal use they:

  • require no maintenance
  • give a variable spring rate
  • have a simple design application
  • are self-dampening

Manufacturers of off-highway equipment for the agricultural, mining and logging industry specify Aeon hollow rubber springs for the lightest, smoothest and most durable suspensions possible.

Vibration Isolation

Do you need to isolate vibration on your industrial equipment?  The Timbren engineering and design team can recommend or adapt current rubber spring designs to meet your specific requirements.