Active Off-Road Bumpstops by Timbren Industries


Active Off-Road Bumpstops

Active Off-Road Bumpstops help you take control of your suspension travel. They’re designed with a progressive spring rate that can absorb the energy created when they “bottom out.” In other words, they allow for a smoother ride when they “bump” down on the axle.

Take control of your suspension travel with a quiet & predictable package that’s easy to install.

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  • Designed to Maximize Axle Travel
  • Smooth Axle Engagement & Disengagement
  • Progressive Spring Rate
  • Absorbs Energy
  • Easy Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty
Active Off-Road Bumpstops steel bracket

Steel Brackets

All of our steel brackets are laser-cut before they’re painted with a durable, long-lasting powder coat finish to ensure protection and long life.

Smooth Axle Engagement

Rubber springs absorb the harsh ‘jolt’ upon impact. That’s why Active Off-Road Bumpstops deliver soft, smooth engagement with the axle.